Etienne, the bike


About 3 years ago we met. He was standing proud among his brothers and sisters, waiting for someone to see how special he was and to take him home. And that someone was me.

IMG_2478 cropped etienne

Etienne himself


Yes, Etienne is a bike but since I was a kid my bikes were always more than that. They were my secret getaway to a place where I was freer, faster, stronger, more mobile. They always brought the best out of me and I tried to do the same with them.

Etienne unfortunately wasn’t so lucky. He had to endure rain and snow, cold and warm mostly without any protection, standing in the yard, waiting for me getting back to him after the first couple months of honeymoon. He had to wait 2.5 years.

But wait he did and despite of age and wear he and me had a smashing day on Sunday. We were back in the same place of companionship in no time. Look at all the fun we’ve had!

Standing by one of the many Irish murals of West Belfast

Standing by one of the many Irish murals of West Belfast


In the Belfast City Cemetery, among old, forgotten graves


Peeking by the bushes


Waiting for the photoshoot to finish by the tree


With the celtic cross


Lighting up this sad corner of the cemetery


Resting by the wall of the Jewish section


Getting tired


In the Remembrance Garden


With Bobby Sands and co



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