June: Develop strategies for coping


Another month in the journey to a happier life and this one focuses on coping techniques.

Coping, I guess, has different levels from surviving to thriving and is not only completely individual but varies from what stage we are in our lives. Writing, of course, is one of the main ones. Journalling, fiction, even non-fiction sometimes helps to work out any issues I’m facing.

But recently I’ve found a new area: visual stories.

My biggest joy in life is to observe, process and connect the dots. Words are my first love (and likely they’ll be my last) but convey thoughts through a different medium is refreshing. Photography also forces me to get out of the house, to take a deep look at the world around me and to see how beautiful it is.

Bird in-flight, Belfast

Bird in-flight, Belfast

It’s the summer in Ireland, everything’s blooming with intense colours (you wouldn’t how many shades of green there are until you really look), everyone welcomes the sun with a deep smile that knows that Irish summers don’t last long.

Stephen's Green, Dublin

Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Even these short past weeks I see how beneficial this new hobby will be: I’m taking long walks, I’m looking people in the eye and still don’t feel exposed. It’s not about me and I’m glad.

Stay tuned for more picture-related coping during the month.



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