Kindness Zone


ZThe City of Angels Camp was Proclaimed an official Kindness Zone on February 17, 1995. Last year Ireland’s Cork organised The Random Acts of Kindness festival with its Kindness Zone. These are some of the examples to show that we and our community needs this positive approach. We all need kindness in our lives. And it’s totally up to us to decide where OUR kindness zone starts and finishes, who do we involve and for how long.

I’m not gonna say that the bigger the better because we can’t all sustain a large number of relationships – but I am saying that this zone needs to exist in a conscious way for every one us.

Here’s to every one of us striving in that zone and helping others to do the same.

And the next step on my journey is “to nurture social relationships” – I look at it as extending my kindness zone. Stay with me once or twice a week in May for this experience.



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