The extra mile

The extra mile

Every customer service training emphasizes the importance of going that extra mile for the customers and there are many businesses who utilise the personal aspects of social media to be informed about extra needs their customers may have.

Here Guardian brings up many examples but this is my favourite:

At Kiel House Stores in the village of Dinas Cross in Pembrokeshire, owners Phil and Meinir Simpson are so well known in their community for their kind ways, they’ve won awards. The shopkeepers have run the busy convenience store for the past nine years, and have picked up awards including Independent Achievers Academy Top 100, singling them out as one of the best 100 independent shops in the UK.

“Our customers are usually the same people most days,” says Simpson, “and, within quite an aged village, if some of the customers don’t come in we pop over and see if they’re OK, or we phone a neighbour. I’ve got one lady who lives on her own who is very shortsighted so I deliver her goods and read the paper to her and do her correspondence.”

As well as delivering to the elderly at no extra cost, they also advertise local events, support local charities and are first responders who go to the aid of someone if a personal alarm is set off.

The pair often find themselves mowing lawns, walking dogs, and putting up curtains. “We do jobs like that if we can. We just like to be helpful,” he says. “It does help the business and makes you part of the community. You get the feelgood factor if you can help someone, it puts you on a bit of a high.”

From suspended coffee to personal gifts, gift certificates to free products, there are many organisations who follow that example. (Read another list here.) It’s no surprise: as this personal account shares, it’s good for business, too.

Have you ever been on the receiving or giving end of that extra mile?

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