The Kindness of Meditation

The Kindness of Meditation

Just a couple decades ago meditation was one of those “hippy” things that “regular ” folks didn’t even talk about. But today it’s very easy to find a practice – online, in person, CDs, even YouTube offers plenty of options.

It’s not a magical solution. But to sit down even for 10 mins a day and let your mind take a break from the busy-ness of every day life is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

I personally don’t think that meditation HAS to be that of sitting cross-legged, chanting mantras. There are many forms of it: walking alone, even running after a while can take you to that place where the chatter in your mind dies out. Exercise in general helps you focus inwards but it takes that additional conscious step to make it a meditation: to turn your mind off.

Oprah and Deepak Chopra are doing a 3-week, free meditation course at the moment (started just yesterday) that helps you to get into gear and find your inner strength: “tapping  into the pure, unlimited source of all peace, possibility and potential” in their words.  I’m doing it ’cause I need the extra support and if you fancy joining, click here.

Do you do any kind of meditation, praying or routines that help you focus inside?

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  1. I agree that meditation is important–in fact, that’s why I keep a journal. It focuses me on clearing out the day and seeing the awesome portions for what they were. I also take 10 to 30 minutes just to let my mind explore during the morning and evening, and it certainly helps, unless I’m especially stressed out because of the kids…

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  3. I do meditations and find it helpful many times and beautiful sometimes. 😉
    You are very right that there are different forms and kinds of meditation.

    Sometimes i use to sit alone and do nothing.
    Sometimes i sit, close my eyes and watch my thoughts without any judgements and prejudices. This helps me, particularly when i’m not able to find right/comfortable people to talk with.
    Sometimes i sit and focus on one thing in my mind, may be a particular sound or image.
    Sometimes i sit and do breathing exercises and focus on the breathing.
    Sometimes i use to get into a noisy environment and try to find a layer of silence beneath the noises.

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