The Kindness of a Fandom


It was the beginning of this year when someone close to The Script shared a story on twitter about a very sick little girl who had only weeks left and wanted to go home to her family. Unfortunately her being so sick meant that she required 24-hour nursing care which would’ve cost the family 4200 euros a week. 4200 euros a week they didn’t have.

When this story reached the fans, an amazing thing happened. People from all over the world united to help that girl, that family they’ve never met. It wasn’t one big donation that stood out, many people chipped in with some small amounts, something they could afford.

But what was even more heart-warming was the thoughts shared on twitter during that time. People reminding each other of that family in need, sharing positive thoughts (prayers) for the well-being of everyone involved.

It was just really inspiring to see how kind people can be under certain circumstances. Did some of them do it for recognition? Very likely. But what matters in the end is that the little girl was able to spend some of her last days at home thanks to these donations, in an environment she knew, with the family she loved.

It doesn’t take much from an individual. It’s the way we stand together that counts.

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