B is for Beautiful


It was a while back that I stumbled upon this blog whose author had a love-project for a year. I don’t remember her name or the circumstances but she wrote about this thing she did or heard about titled “You’re beautiful”.

BShe posted pictures where mostly hand-written messages were left in various places: in a public bathroom, at the supermarket, on the car window, at the coffee shop, basically anywhere where people could accidentally find them.

All they said was various versions of “You’re beautiful. Love yourself.”

I imagined what would it be like, finding a message like that when I’m looking at the bathroom window and as usual, seeing the worst parts of me. What would it make me feel? I know I’d hold onto it. Crack a smile at it. Probably wouldn’t believe it but maybe, just maybe, if I’d said it to myself often enough, it would get through the cracks.

So I wrote up some of those to share. They’re anonymous so there’s no way of knowing what happens them after you let them go but I don’t mind. I put them in library books and imagined the face of the person who finds them. They’d look around, thinking it’s a joke, throw it away maybe. Or cry a little because it’s been so long that anybody told them how beautiful they were. Or just smile at the memory of being in somebody’s arm, whispering that exact phrase in their ears.

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is the gesture, the kindness that’s sent out through these messages. How they are received is out of my hands.

Have you seen messages like that or have you written up anything like this yourself?

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  1. Miss Andi – i haven’t, but certainly will be drawing some little snippets to leave around town. Seems perfect fir approaching spring. Thanks for paying this idea forward! PS YOU are beautiful 😉

  2. Your post somehow reminded me of the movie ‘Message in a Bottle’. I think I like the idea and would do it whenever possible.
    B for Beauty was something I had in mind too, but changed it last minute to Being able to Breathe.

    All the best for the rest of the letters 🙂
    – Garima

  3. For some reason, small things (like dragonflies) make me stop and smile and feel beautiful.

    I love having someone (be it someone I know or a stranger as your post suggests) tell me I’m beautiful, but I also have things that let me remind myself of that important message!

  4. This is a wonderful idea! One that I’ve used on the past actually. I had a sticker on the bottom of my water bottle that said “you are beautiful” so anytime i drank I’d spread the word to anyone watching

  5. We recently had some left over balloons and wrote messages on them and let them go outside, like we did in elementary school. We wrote messages like ‘smile’ and ‘be happy’ and ‘you’re hot’. I figured I would say hello to my fellow minions today.

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  7. I love this idea. I have never done it or found anything like it, but now I really want to fill out some slips of paper and just randomly leave them places. That is awesome.

    I am not familiar with WordPress, but can you install the Google Friend Connect button in your sidebar to make your blog easy to follow? I am going to save you in my Favorites for now, but it isn’t a good long-term solution.

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