Kindness in Action


This is a very energetic start to the month of kindness, talking about action at first, but what can I say, A starts the alphabet, so “Action” will start this month today.

AI have an acquaintance who really talks the talks. They love to share motivational quotes usually accompanied with some non-descript shoutout to the world, “do it folks!” While I appreciate their effort to focus on and making us focus on the bright side of life, knowing their lack of execution totally destroys that noble effort.

It’s that classical case of “don’t do preach water when you drink wine”. Don’t tell me what to do unless you do it. (My writer readers are familiar with the expression: show, don’t tell. Well, it applies in life, too.) Lead me by example because lovely quotes can make us feel a little better but they won’t do the job for us. WE have to do the job ourselves. Not just in our minds (and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s one thing I’m guilty of, living life in my mind,) but in reality.

The big, scary, full-of-imperfect-people reality who need kindness in their lives every single day.

So all those topics I’m talking about this month, I’ll turn them into little actions. No drastic, athletic jumps here, as in no big projects, loud revolution, just some old-fashioned one tiny step at a time.

Today it’s smiling. Really looking into the other person’s eyes and smile. It’s only 8am here but during my commute I had the chance to do it twice and man, what a difference it makes!

Can you think of a little action that you could do today?

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  1. Love this post! In my little corner of the internet (the Down syndrome community) one of the big things is to post pictures of your loved ones. There’s debate over whether this is a good thing to do or not, (more about that in my A is for Advocacy post) but I think each person does it for their own reasons. One way I can show a little extra kindness is to make an effort to respond to more of them. Everyone has days when they just want to be seen. If each comment they get makes them smile – that’s a step. Thanks for making me think!

    • It’s a tough topic, about posting pictures, no wonder it rose some discussions. But you’re right with the comments: pics or no pics, everybody who takes time to read and then write up some words in relation to the post makes my heart warmer. So thank you for doing so 🙂

  2. Excellent point – inspirational quotes are just that. WE need to make the effort and act. I will be line dancing this morning with 80 & 90 year olds; i will try to brighten their day with laughter!

    • Thank you Paula. I love quotes, too, esp the ones they make us think, it’s just too easy to read them and sit back, saying “well ain’t that clever” and then go on with our usual ways without changing anything. Thank you for visiting here!

    • Thank you Charlotte. Depression is a nasty little thing, I don’t know if it ever goes away or we just have to accept that it’s something that’ll be part of us forever. Thank you for the follow! Do you blog yourself?

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