There’s a theme for April


As you see here, every month has a theme and April might be one of my favourites: it’ll all be about KINDNESS.


It’ll be a busy month with daily posts (except Sundays) following the letters of the alphabet as part of the A to Z challenge but I’ll keep them short so that you can all visit as many blogs as possible.

Topics on my other blogs:

Drop us a line if you’re taking part and let us know your planned topic. Looking forward to see you all πŸ™‚



PS: The A to Z theme reveal is a blog hop that happened on the 21st of March – I’m a tad late to the party but enjoying it nonetheless!


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    • Thanks Paula, impatience is a big issue on my side as well. So when I gave myself a whole year to get better, that was a huge step! πŸ™‚ I hope you’ll enjoy the posts in April!

  2. I’m never sure whether it’s anxiety or depression for me, but I certainly relate to your struggles and admire your determination to find better emotional outlook. Kindness is such a simple, gentle yet powerful theme for April. You will be giving a positive boost to all us readers.

  3. “Kindness begins with me” (words to a children’s song…) I look forward to getting ideas from your posts in April. My theme for the challenge is Family History. I tried to be kind and only put in the fun historical vignettes–no skeletons!
    Gail at Making Life An Art

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