Art is the only justification for pain


The most important thing I learned about art is that it’s better than therapy. And more than that, the best pieces are born out of deep desperation of the artist. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Picasso or Hemingway, Keats or Martin Gore, the one thing in common is that they didn’t (couldn’t) close themselves down for any emotions.

I believe that there is a place for good AND bad, happiness AND sadness in our lives. I know our society is at a place now where we try to do everything in our power not to feel pain, loss, or desperation, numbing those feelings until we’re able to forget about them. And it’s quite alright in a way – but it’s also quite alright to face them with an open heart. Embrace them as they come. Because without down there’s no up, without darkness there’s no light.

And without pain, where would art be?


PS: The title of the post is a quote often used by Danny O’Donoghue and Mark Sheehan of The Script who wrote the song above about their deceased parents.

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