When Reality Bites, It’s Decision Time


I read this today in an ezine and I felt like I had to share this. There’s just one too many coincidences with this one not to.

  • Why did I open this particular email out of the hundreds?
  • Why did it come today when I’m feeling so particularly low?
  • Why did this strike such a strong chord with me?

I don’t know. But I’m not going to overlook it.

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It was almost time for me to be wheeled into the surgery room and the surgeon came to see if I had any questions. He got into the details of what was going to happen and my heart started pounding! I had a tumor in the palm of my right hand and he was going to make a larger incision than originally planned, so that he could “explore.” He also said that it was going to take four months for me to get back to normal.

What?! This was certainly not what the other doctor told me! She’d said it was going to be relatively minor and I could be back to work the next day typing away (which was not the reality!).

My nerves skyrocketed. That meant no working out at the gym. That meant I couldn’t do most everything I do during the workday when I’m not teaching a class or on a client call. And since I’m right-handed, I couldn’t write, cook, or change a diaper. I wouldn’t be able to do most anything I’m used to doing with my arms!

But it didn’t end there. The surgeon also told me there was a very good chance that the tumor would come back. I went home sulking and scared, with my fingers feeling like they’d been stuck in a light socket.

I knew I needed to shift my mindset or I was going to be in deep trouble. So I decided to do the same thing I did when I had elbow surgery and the doctor had told me that I would probably have to have a second surgery to gain back my full range of motion.

It was also the same thing I did when …

  • My debt was piled high.
  • I wanted to breakthrough ‘once and for all’ to make six-figures.
  • I lived in constant overdrive to ‘get ahead.’

I stopped buying into the preprogrammed negative thoughts that I wouldn’t be able to get what I wanted.

I made a decision to close the door on any thought, except that I would be well. No more doom and gloom. No more panic attacks.

To hell with what they told me. Never mind what happened the last six months (or six years).

In each moment each of us has a choice to decide what the outcome will be today, tomorrow, and the day after that. But once the day is past, it’s your past life. You can bring it forward with you, or not.

It’s choice.

When you feel you have a choice, you feel instant freedom. And then you can tap back into your power. That’s where you find your breakthrough (some call it miracles).

I’m a believer in happy endings. They just take practice.

I didn’t need a second elbow surgery (my doc said he couldn’t believe it!). My debt was gone in nine months. I let go of pushing and six figures came easily that year.

Maybe I’ll be able to type my next article with two hands and it’ll take less than three hours. 😉

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