Making a difference

Making a difference

The most beautiful human behaviour is the desire to make a difference. It’s the topic of countless stories, songs, struggles and achievements. We want to be able to look into the mirror and say: “I’ve done my due. I count.”

Some admit it, some work for it, some oppress it.

Some want to make a difference in their lives, some in their environments, some in the world.

Some dream about, some are planning it and some do it.


I’m grateful for having that strong desire to leave a footprint, to change a life, to make this world a better place.

I’m grateful for feeling bitterly disappointed when that stone I threw into the lake sinks without creating any waves – especially if another one creates a tsunami with the exact the same stone in the exact same lake following my example. It will strive me to do better next time.

I’m grateful for the heartache that this caring causes me. The fact that I care helps me find out where and how I can make a change that I so desire. This caring is the passion that doesn’t let me stop until I do.

Thank you for these lessons, universe. I needed them.



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